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Graphic design


Patricia Ferreiro Hueso

Project year: 


4º Interdisciplinary Graphic Design Project

Patricia Ferreiro Hueso with the collaboration of Jose Alonso Echevarria

The ship Icars suffered problems in its engines and was forced to make a forced descent on an unknown planet. On landing the ship had different damages impossible to fix for the crew. A large number of Glups have crept through the hulls of the hull, small alien beings that destroy everything in their path and will eventually blow up the ship. To make matters worse, the planet is the nest of another dangerous race, the Tatsians, slow but lethal creatures that are lurking for every living thing that wants to escape. The only alternative the crew has is to escape the SCAP capsules placed on the outside of the ship. SCAPs work properly but their hatches are activated and deactivated randomly due to damage. The only way they have to get to them will be by getting as many grenades, life capsules, and weapons to defeat the Glups and survive the fearsome Tatsians before the ship explodes. Did you sign up for the adventure?

SCAP is an interdisciplinary project that was born with the conditioning of that subject which was to create a design project in 3 months with the collaboration of one or more people or several outside the field of graphic design.

SCAP is a game full of challenges and action that will pleasantly surprise you. Its 60 cm x 60 cm board, with its figures, details and large letters guarantee unsurpassed comfort without mentioning that on the board there is a turning area that will change the position of the ship completely at any time. Turning by friction will move part of the ship with all the items you have in it

its interior. With simple but well-marked rules SCAP guarantees intense and fun games of 20 to 45 minutes. One of the things to note is that it is a flexible game. It has several modes depending on the number of players, from 2 to 8. Which can lead to great fun games. It is intended for 4 crew members who should escape a lot of challenges. This means that if you want to win you will need to create a strategy, have luck and shelter that will not catch you…


PATRICIA F. HUESO: Senior Technician in Illustration and Graphic Designer.

JOSE ANTONIO ALONSO ECHEVARRÍA: Senior Technician in Illustration and 3D Designer in Espacio Ben Común in Allariz.


Patricia Ferreiro Óso: artistic direction, packaging, iconography, operation of the game, design of the board and cards, layout of the instruction book and the other elements that appear.

Jose Antonio Alonso Echevarría: modeling of the figures in 3D, creation of all the illustrations and collaborator in the operation of the game.

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