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Artistic Joinery


Jesus Pacheco

Project year: 

Rupez, immersed in geometry.

Rupez, the fish rule.

"Rupez" is an original piece of wood that can be both a child's toy and a precise work tool. Equipped with an ergonomic line, reduced weight and a friendly appearance can accompany the little ones on big adventures through the oceans of fantasy. But in addition to this, this little animal has very useful tools for study.

The device is made of two varieties of wood, one light brown, brown, and the other dark, sapeli. The contrast between materials in the construction of the spines, in the form of strips one centimeter wide, making Rupez a calibrated rule. In addition its back is also useful for drawing, supporting the flap on the side of the notebook we can easily and accurately draw straight lines with the most common inclinations, 30, 45 or 90 degrees.

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