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Graphic design


Joan Ríos

Project year: 


Final Degree Project in Higher Studies in Graphic Design 2013-14

The project is presented, starting from scratch, as a new polytheistic religion, which shows the behavior of human beings, in an irresponsible way and with the need to be helped. It is an original and creative procedure of telling the story from the beginning of time to the present.

Gods have powers based on feelings and moods that are reflected in the human being, that is, that if someone feels inspired it is the product of a certain god. The brain is divided into eight regions that control our movements, thoughts, reasoning, and so on. Each god possesses a power that rests on a specific part of the brain, but humans are not conscious

of their intrusion and think that they themselves control their state.

There are a number of demigods, half humans, half gods who, guide the inhabitants of the Earth through science, music, arts, and so on. They are famous characters in history who are admired for their fame. They are also capricious and able to lead the masses by their ideas. They guide us with their knowledge and rule with their fashions what is right and what is wrong. Many of them face the human being because each of them idolizes one or the other generating tensions.

Through a book or bible, (Parables) tells the story of ancestors, with a series of gods mediating on behaviors and making everything go as reflected in history (the invention of fire, the first language, writing and progress such as the arrival of Moon, etc.).

Finally, and to reinforce the existence of these gods, are a series of illustrations of the most important moments in human history and everyday moments that enhance the narrative and the idea of Puzzle.

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