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Graphic design


Ángela Gesteira Seijo

Project year: 


This nutrition office bases its name and logo on Hippocratic theory. Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, relied on the healing power of nature. From this idea is born the name of the Physis office (nature in Greek). This pioneer of medical science also formulated the theory of the four moods, dividing the human body into four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. Each of these basic elements is associated with a color to form a binomial that generates the basis, both visually and conceptually, of all identity. Finally, four photographs of four systems of the human body relate to the four basic elements already pointed out in the previous paragraph. This, along with the already named four colors, strengthens the connecting link between corporate identity, Hippocrates, and the human body. All these elements revolving around such simple concepts make up the identity of the Physia office.

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