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Graphic design

Solidarity Pack

Néstor Domínguez Lorenzo

Project year: 


The idea is to create a product in order to get affiliates for the solidarity projects of our three NGOs (UNICEF, UNESCO and GREENPEACE). So that the user receives an ecological product, useful, in addition to symbolic, in exchange for the help received.

The strategy is to meet the three goals of a lifetime, which are:

Having a child, writing a book and planting a tree, thus fulfilling these three missions, in the same act and with a charitable purpose.

Collaborating with UNICEF represents the idea of having a child, in this case we did not create a new life, but we saved it and gave it a chance to live. This will contain a small heart-shaped brooch (representing a life) accompanied by a fully informative brochure about this organization.

The "book" associated with UNESCO, reflects our cultural transmission to the sponsored child. We don’t write the book but we give you the materials you need so you can write it someday. It contains a miniature book, so well accompanied by an information leaflet.

Finally, the “tree” associated with GREENPEACE, gives us a less contemplative activity than the other two, but much more participatory, as it offers the opportunity for the donor to plant the seeds and take care of them, making him see how his effort and dedication leads to the flowering and improvement of a new life in a greener world.

The third box contains a bag with Luffa seeds (vegetable sponges) that symbolizes the help offered for the ecological development of the area for which the aid is intended, accompanied so well by a small information leaflet.

Each of these boxes will allocate 33% of the total to its corresponding NGO.

Interdisciplinary project with the collaboration of Sara Fernández (Sewing and Patronage), Andrés Carpinteiro (Cabinetmaker) and Estefanía Plaza (Photography).

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