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Artistic Joinery

The Forest

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Throughout history, designers have tried to modify spaces, either by representing reality itself or by distorting it to almost incomprehensible points. Innovation has always been sought, although most designs arise, as in this case, from observation and inspiration in nature itself and its contoured, curved and smooth shapes.

These pieces are inspired by the organicist current, in those lines that are naturally created arbitrarily, in that continuity of curves and in their dynamism. This project was born by visualizing the profiles of revolutionized signatures, as we would on a lathe in a workshop. Its harmonious, continuous and stylized volumes reminded a whole plant world, thus arising the idea of creating a figurative forest.

With the series O bosque, an attempt is made to design a balanced and orderly composition, taking care of all the details, from the choice of material to its natural finish, so that, in addition to its decorative function, the atmosphere of a forest is created. Authors of the project: Alberto Salgado Caramés, Maikel Lorenzo, Xesús Pacheco, Jairo Ramos Rey.

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