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Marta Dorribo

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Independent women in today's society

This graduation project attempts to reflect on single-person households; in this case, by a woman.

Women who live independently, without a stable partner, without children and with a job that allows them economic independence. A new generation that is not accountable to anyone, only to themselves. To give visibility to that situation, I tried to make a portrait from a glance

non-patriarchal, preventing the woman from appearing as a more or less sexualized object, in addition to being fragile and submissive. Instead, I wanted these

women conveyed all their strength and serenity. I always photographed inside their homes, looking for the natural light coming in through a window. The instant these women looked at me through the lens I realize we share many situations in life.

That is why these women are the mirror in which I look at myself, I make a self-portrait through them, in different places, in different lives.

Marta Dorribo
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