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Na Veta

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“Na veta” is an exhibition of Artistic Joinery made by the EASD Antonio Faílde of Ourense, from 07/04/2016 to 21/04/2016 that introduces us to the artisanal process from the raw material to the prototype.

Designer furniture is shown arranged around a central piece, reminiscent of a hollow tree trunk and articulates the route. The prominence of this sculptural piece allows us, in addition to organizing the exhibition space, to symbolize the design process. The visitor participates in the game of visual rhetoric, finding the origin in the matter, the sap in the colored threads and the fruit of the technical mastery in the furniture.

The exhibition was an exciting project for students in the specialties of carpentry, interiors and graphics, both for its multidisciplinary nature and for the opportunity provided by the Municipal Museum to materialize a real project outside the School.

The aim of the School to give visibility to the new higher studies of Artistic Joinery is the starting point of this exhibition project. The process began as a competition for proposals from the mixed groups of the disciplines of Space Design and Ephemeral Architecture of Interior Design and Experimental Project of Graphic Design, and was later developed by the whole group.

The students of Artistic Joinery carried out the central wooden structure and its subsequent assembly.

Graphic elements for the exhibition: billboards, exhibition brochure, vinyls and posters.

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