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Graphic design


Alba Pérez

Project year: 


TFE Higher Education in Graphic Design. Course 2015-16

The purpose of the Mycelium project is to create a different mycological guide and an intuitive mobile app (all designed for Galicia). With the simple composition of complex content, any adult interested in the Fungi World can learn about the general concepts of mycology in a quick and fun way. Just as the project shows the basics, Mycelium also includes a macroscopic key designed to find the name of the mushroom of the species found, a glossary with specific terms, and a wealth of related topics.

It is worth mentioning that the app has two planned versions: one Pro and one free. With the Pro, among other things, the user can register and inspect their favorite places with the help of the map. The guide is divided into different fascicles, offering a sample of the former, which focuses on the general aspects of mycology. The following deliveries are planned to classify the different mushroom families.

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