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Graphic design


Patricia Hueso

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TFG of Graphic Design

Today, mobile phones are an indispensable object in our lives. All sectors want their place in this new format and of course, the video game world does not want to be left behind. While we can find a great deal of video games for our smartphones, they are a long way from offering us the experience that consoles and PCs give us; and far from taking advantage of all that these little laptops have to offer. Mael was born from the need to take our mobile seriously, to exploit all its possibilities and to anticipate a new portable console accessible to the public by creating a new and attractive product.

Mael is an open world single player mobile video game. It is a research project in which its format has been studied, competitors, public among other key points to look for needs, problems, successes when creating. One of the main problems Mael faced was its format and the notoriety that many mobile video games have because of poorly executed products.

To solve such a problem, the strategy used in console-exclusive video games (a thought-out story, a chord design, a marketing…) was mixed with that of mobile applications (designed for a small format, touch screen…). The sum of research and design has resulted in a product laden with symbolism, clean and comfortable in which everything fits and works.

History, design and format go hand in hand making Mael an attractive innovation project for an audience that has in its hands the future of video games.

A bit of Mael:

Because there is no equal game, no equal screen. Multiple screens designed to summarize data and information increasing the gaming experience. You will know that they were given to you without the need for ornaments.

Do we summarize ?
In Mael we have a lot of data and to summarize it what better than a good iconography. More than 150 icons to better navigate the entire interface.

Once upon a time…
With a story linked to a snowy landscape; black, white and black are taken as protagonists of a clear, clean and minimalist interface.

Tap, tap and tap.
Slides, increases, decreases, and slips again. Don't be blind. With the touch and an adaptable design you can see from a more general point of view or increase in detail maps, resources and more.

Size matters.
Such a small format makes it impossible to have everything available but with sliding menus, endless screens, pop-ups and so on there are no limits to the mobile.

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