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Artistic Joinery

Leon Leonardo

Cayetano Salvia Vicos

Project year: 


Final project of the artistic cabinetmaking cycle

This project consists of making a prototype of the lion made by Master Leonardo da Vinci in 1515 for the reception of King Francis I of France at the court of Lyon. There is no record of its realization except in later writings of Leonardo describing similar artifacts and comparing them to that made by him.

Due to the latter, the work carried out by the Leonardo3 study was used as a basis. Which has been done only with the data taken from the Madrid I and II codices. In the case of this project, certain elements have been modified to facilitate and speed up its manufacture. More artistic work has also been added in the making of a carving to represent the head and chest.

Supposedly the original Lion took a few steps thanks to a dock and a system of pulleys, at the end of the tour opened his chest and mouth dropping some Lis flowers housed inside. In the same way this prototype simulates those movements… supposedly.

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