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Interior design

Ideas laboratory

María Santos

Project year: 


Turn an old space into a place to create, to generate new ideas, to exchange thoughts, to stay more than half a life, to make dreams come true. Definitely transform a ruin into a design and architecture workshop.

The river, the vegetation, the bridge, the environment and its good location in relation to the urban core, constitute a solid base on which to base this work environment with very good prospects for the beauty and pleasantness of its surroundings.

These buildings are located on the left bank of the river Arnoia and their function was to house a mini power plant in the main building.

For the development of this project we thought about the life and history of the building over time, so one of the ideas was to find the value of these elements, spaces and interventions, and incorporate them as visible footprints in the design. Part of the historic substance of the building has been to preserve its function as a producer of electrical energy, taking advantage of its initial destination and making its roots clear.

On the other hand, new elements have been incorporated into the design of the studio with which to create a dialogue between the new and the old.

The axis of the project becomes the work area that is developed as an independent volume but with an intentional communication with the rest of the spaces.

This laboratory of ideas is located in an enviable natural environment with an interior development that mixes in some places with architecture.

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