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Graphic design

JBL Real Experience

Andrés González Fuentes

Project year: 


Final Project

This project was made to make a fictitious promotion of a new JBL brand portable speaker that will hit the market soon.

This promotional video focuses on the concept of user experience that allows you to enjoy these speakers, immersing you in a unique experience.

Pose yourself in such a way that the subject of the video, the character, is at home, lying on the sofa and putting some music on his cell phone to entertain himself, he is enjoying the music when suddenly a warning comes to his cell phone and he sees that it is a new device has been connected. The music stops when the notification arrives and the character looks at the screen with a strange face and sees that it is a JBL device, when connected, the screen absorbs the character by immersing the viewer and transporting him to an outdoor environment in which see a kind of platform on which various characters are dancing to the beat of the music on a kind of stage that turns out to be the speaker.

The scene changes with the movement of the camera until you reach the protagonist's room where it all began.

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