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Martín Dacal Domínguez / Tamar Fernández Pereira / Sara Álvarez Vázquez / Laura Novoa Carbalho / Iria Rodríguez Rodríguez

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"A terrible curiosity assaulted us"

Before even coming to understand the complexity of the events, the need to address the situation that was going through us gave way to the initiative to develop Inc.ertidumbre as a photographic-narrative project. Carried out by EASD students Antonio Faílde, and with the literary contribution of M. Núñez, Inc.ertidumbre tries to address two perspectives of the situation, far from the main initiatives that, shortly after, would take shape.

Thus, the almost unpredictable nature of events forced a constant adaptation, trying to explore the possibilities of both social and personal matters, giving rise to innumerable questions that make us leave in search of answers in times of global uncertainty.

“What will become of us if we do not go where we are going? What will become of all of us, I say, if the deck does not hold up, if our rudder is snatched away, if this breaks, in short, if we are shipwrecked? ”

(M. Núñez)

Ourense, on November 3, 2020
Martín Dacal Domínguez / Tamar Fernández Pereira

Martín Dacal Domínguez
693 026 303

Sara Álvarez Vázquez
664 501 322

Laura Novoa Carbalho
727 780 080

Iria Rodríguez Rodríguez
661 590 056

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