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Graphic design

Ourense city council identity

David Nóvoa Sequeiros

Project year: 


Final Project of Studies 2018

This project was born from the need to update the graphic image of Ourense.

I redesigned its identity giving it unity and coherence, creating a Corporate Identity Manual where all the graphic needs of the city are contemplated and resolved. I have established a new communicative language that conceptually moves in actuality and elegance.

The final image of the MIC is serious and institutional. All these concepts are supported by a dry wood typography with clean and timeless features that make it in line with the needs of the City Council. Color also helps reinforce the idea of elegance and seriousness. I removed all the unnecessary elements to clarify the really defining ones. All this was possible by generating a versatile and dynamic structure of identity, which allows us to place the brand in any communicative medium and generate a new sense of the city.

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