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Interior design

Nature Hotel

Paz Vilas

Project year: 


There is no doubt that nature is a vital element in the life of any citizen, and having a pure place away from the massive industrialization that our country is increasingly suffering from can be very attractive.

This is the reason for the project, a small nature hotel, a place away from the city, immersed in a lush eucalyptus forest where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the different hiking trails offered by this Galician environment.

In reference to the exterior design, the building breaks with the natural environment, with straight lines predominating over the structure and its ornamentation, on a background of winding lines that surround it with a blanket of vegetation.

The new volume, made by means of a frame of rectangular slats, plays with the width and the separation of the same, creating like this a visual relation with the surroundings so much of the interior as from the outside. In this way the sunlight is projected on the patio forming an interesting play of light and shadow.

These concepts are also appreciated internally but in a different way. Nature is manifested through the use of natural materials such as marble, slate, or wood; on which a layer of sunlight is projected, which the multiple openings of the building allow to pass between its walls. It also creates a visual relationship between all its floors through open slabs and stairwells.

As for the colors used, whites such as white and beech wood predominate with the intention of expressing tranquility and serenity, creating ample spaces that evade the metropolitan life full of tension and suffocation.

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