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Graphic design

Hoiva. Artisan organic soap.

Lucía Sánchez Dacal

Project year: 


TFE Graphic Design Course 2018-2019

Hoiva, which in Finnish means to nourish, is a small company of soaps made by hand with natural ingredients. 

Values and attributes: Organic, artisan and tradition are the concepts that define the brand and are present in the product. 

The packaging is made with ecological and recyclable materials. Cork and plantable paper give it a more organic, natural and sustainable look. In addition, its packaging is closed with sewn thread, avoiding glue and thus representing its artisanal part.

His graphic represents tradition. Inspired by the nineteenth century, after the industrial revolution, in the movement of? arts and crafts? where the artisan receives a recognition and a revaluation that makes reformulate the division between art and craft. At this time the smelters launched recovery initiatives, relaunching new versions of the old and transitional types that had been forgotten. 

In an age where the industrialist loses his essence, we once again give value to the artisan.


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