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Noa Alonso Casares

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Family play education kit on anxiety.

Much of society when it hears the word anxiety does not know what it is or what it causes in the person. This fact causes many people to have anxiety and not detect it; on the other hand, those who do not have it, interpret it as an exaggeration to draw attention, leading to confrontations and lack of support.

This project was born to help family members understand anxiety and establish bonds in those relationships that have been damaged by a lack of empathy or knowledge. Therefore, this educational kit could be a piece to make available to these people and their families, allowing them to understand and help the person with anxiety in their day to day, being part of their achievements.

Heii is composed of hei mr.coco and daily heii.

Hei mr.coco is a question and answer game, made up of 5 categories (riddles, animals, art, calculus and geography), the aim of which is to create a relaxed and fun environment where trust and affection between people is strengthened. All players, solving the questions, win pieces of wood that they will use to create an amulet that they will wear daily. This object will allow you to remember pleasant moments in the most annoying moments.

Heii Diary is an activity book for two people, which will allow them to get to know each other a little more and that little by little the word anxiety is not an unknown terminology. It consists of 152 pages, whose content is divided into 5 chapters consisting of sessions containing activities, games of all kinds and at the end a section showing detailed information on the topic to be addressed. The peculiarity of this book lies in the distribution of its pages, forcing both people to perform the activities at the same time. The book is covered in fabric with the embroidered logo, thus playing with texture and volume.

The whole project is infused with tranquility, fun, well-being and above all proximity, so it has a multitude of elements, textures and colors that enhance and reinforce the sensations.

Finally, everything is protected and stored in a solid wooden box, which can be used as home decoration.

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