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Interior design


Miriam González Lamelas

Project year: 

Final Interior Design

Innovative Foundation of Ecological Gastronomy

"Ecology and sustainability united in one space"

Today, gastronomy enjoys a moment like never before known, and especially in our community it has a great prestige both for the innovation of Galician chefs and for the quality of the product itself.

This project is based in the stately Pazo de Castadón, in the municipality of Pereiro de Aguiar, with the aim of creating FIGE, the Innovative Foundation of Ecological Gastronomy.

The natural environment that frames and enhances this space is integrated inside, through materials and elements taken from nature itself, thus insinuating the feeling of freedom within a closed space, trying to fuse the concepts: bio, natural products and a clean and simple architecture with hardly any transformation. In this way, ecological gastronomy and sustainable architecture are based on the design of this space, which seeks the approach and contact of the product from its origin to the table.

FIGE is a space with dual use, differentiating between public area, intended for talks, conferences and culinary tastings, while the private area, focused on food preparation but teaching, seeking the union between theory and practice in this discipline.

The aim of this center is training and research, as well as innovation and the transfer of knowledge and technology in the different areas of Gastronomic Sciences. It seeks to renounce the adulteration of a profession that has always used natural products. Reveal the false kitchen fruit of synthesis or laboratory products and move in line with what society really demands, a greener table, more natural and more in line with the territory and its own culture, in a space conditioned for this and surrounded by an environment consistent with principles of this foundation.

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