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Interior design

Cosewing space

Sheila Iglesias

Project year: 


Finalist Project in the 2020 edition of the Master Awards of the Confederation of Schools of Fine Arts and Design

Cosewing is a space designed to design, produce and sell fashion collections. His generating idea was based precisely on communicating the whole process very well, with special emphasis on recovering the lost value of sewing and handmade garments. All this, pouring the interior outwards and proposed within a deeply sensitive and pedagogical walk of the projected ensemble.

In order to see all the functions that are carried out inside from the outside, an interior void is created parallel to the main façade, and with this gesture, the basement is filled with natural lighting ideal for a more work area, providing a union. visual of the whole.

The vertical connection of the 3 floors also takes place in this strip and is made through the stairs as a connecting link between the floors. The formalization of this void is done with a new structure through panels configured with structural metal profiles and a metal mesh, which form a "second facade" which shows the aesthetics of Co-sewing, which represents different types of stitches in the fabric. These panels filter natural light which is important due to the orientation of the façade to the south and at the same time as a protective barrier of that double height. This “second façade” formed by 1.20 m panels was fundamental for the development of part of the project. Each module forms a rectangle with two vertical tubular profiles and two horizontal CHS welded together and a white steel mesh that gives us the transparency needed for an outside-inside view. Silk cords are intertwined in this grid. The dimension of the panels is also used for the design of the floor and in the ceiling for the lighting and the pieces where the garments are placed. The railing of the stairs also follows that measure in addition to part of the furniture.

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