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Antía Álvarez González

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When a loved one dies we feel great pain and with it we go through a natural process of life, mourning, a feeling that mixes life with death.

Loss produces an internal conflict that every human being ever faces, causing a major impact in all areas of their life, the result of the essence of the loved one who is no more and who endures over time.

In part, by being overwhelmed, something inside us dies as well. Memories persist in spaces or permeate objects, which often or over time, are forgotten and disappear, leaving only the memory and the absence in memory.

On many occasions and in my particular case, where there was life, now there is only deterioration and oblivion.

"Resent" is a project based on the memory of my maternal grandmother Dosinda. She was a second mother to me and when a great pain dies it floods my heart and I discover new sensations that I have never felt before, but what worries me most is coming to think that at some point I may forget about her.

At first I found it very difficult to think that I would never see her again, all I have left is her memory that, little by little, over time, is lost and the pain is overcome. But the feelings that remain inside me stir violently every time I return to this space.

It cost me a lot to go back the first time, but nowadays I don’t want it to go away, as the essence of my grandmother continues to linger in it.

I intend to capture it by traversing the rooms of this house where everyday life arose, our day to day, through photographs constructed by placing objects in those spaces with my personal ritual, the path I always follow when I return, stopping when a memory emerges, either by a beam of light, an object, or a shadow.

Antía Álvarez González
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