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Graphic design


Daniel Vila

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Degree Project of the Higher Studies of Graphic Design

TV series header. Part of the Career Film Project which also included Corporate Identity and Promotional Packaging. February 2010. Time Warner, an American company dedicated to communication, requested the preparation of a certain material for use in a new TV series, in which through a new drug (Emozak) supplied by a large pharmaceutical company, which causes emotions to its consumers, the inhabitants of a dystopian society that will be observed, analyzed, by the multinational and in which the "looks" will reach a point where because of these behavioral inhibitors and catalysts do not need to reflect, do not need to doubt, do not need think, and they are not even in need of loving. The basis of the strategy will be to make it a reality, that is, to use the fiction of the product as an advertising element and extrapolate it in such a way that it becomes a symbol and at the same time an object of claim.

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