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The Sugar

Juan Camilo Cruz Ossa

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Final Project of Studies 2018-2019

The idea of a currency that economically groups the thirty-three countries of Latin America and the Caribbean arises as a result of a broad political and social process known as the Citizen Revolution carried out in Ecuador between 2007 and 2017.

It is the result of Transforming the political thought of the Bolivarian movement and the Ecuadorian potter, led by former President Rafael Correa Delgado, who with a purely Latin American vision sets the stage to solve the social, political and economic problems of countries in the region.

Poverty, education, lack of infrastructure and underdevelopment in one of the most unequal areas of the planet are the result of neoliberal policies applied across the continent since the last decades of the twentieth century, generating corruption and economic rupture in countries like Ecuador in 1998. or Argentina in 2001. Difficult processes encountered with improbable measures: the adoption of the dollar as the legal tender in Ecuador, whose economy has nothing to do with the size or complexity of the US economy.

In this way and in the process of Bolivarian transformation on the continent, the possibility is established to implement a common currency that allows countries to strengthen and strengthen their economic ties, as trade between them represents only 26% of their total trade, being one of the keys in the poor economic development of the region. The currency would be called Sucre, in honor of the currency lost in 1998 in Ecuador to the detriment of the dollar, as a statement of principles against US neoliberalism and the use of the dollar as a currency between countries in the region, which yields surreal scenarios in which the third world ends up funding the largest power on the planet.

It is Sucre, then, part of a thought that vindicates the vision of Latin America and the Caribbean as a homogeneous group capable of making the political and economic changes necessary to transform its countries, generate prosperity and sustainable development from a South-South perspective. The maximum indisputable unity.

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