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Graphic design


Claudia López

Project year: 


Final Project

Dostazas is a company dedicated to sending home-made, totally gluten-free food tuppers.

His work philosophy is to help people eat well every day regardless of their pace of life, especially celiac people. It also seeks to standardize and not label these people or the brand itself, thus opening up to non-celiac customers to try their products.

The brand’s personality is young and modern, with close communication, but without neglecting the more adult target audience. It also seeks to convey the idea that the products are homemade, handcrafted and have a high quality, but without becoming a luxury product.

With its name, which comes from the popular saying: "You do not want broth, because it takes two cups", is intended to establish a special bond with the consumer, appealing even remorse of the popular origins of homemade food, as well as the feeling of being full of food you will come home.

Continuing with this idea of communication, an identifier is created with curved and kind shapes, but with character.

The packaging created is continuous with the youthful and close brand image, which will not leave the customer indifferent in the unboxing experience, and will allow the company to make its shipments correctly and efficiently. As well as the App, which has a clean and pragmatic navigation, which complements a satisfying user experience.

Ultimately what is sought is to create an identity for the company through a powerful identifier and a hooked and memorable naming. As well as a functional and aesthetically appealing packaging line, with a simple and functional app.

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