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Graphic design


Xavier Álvarez Franco

Project year: 


Final Work of Studies

My proposal was the creation or selection and translation of the contents, and design of a publication (Daletra) on the letter that, fundamentally, had collected and contained information on all possible ways of representation of this graphic sign of our writing system.

I would do this with special attention to the typographic letter, both printed and represented on a screen. Thus, any topic related to handwriting, calligraphy, lettering and typography of any period, whatever the tool, technique or technology used to represent it, should fit in this publication.

A fundamental condition of the publication was that all the texts would be written in Galician. The publication would materialize in a magazine (Revista galega Daletra) digitally printed, with a composite insert and printed typographically. But it would be complemented, not versioned, on the Web (

This supplement would collect summaries of the topics covered in the journal, trying to expand content (which would be impossible to offer in the physical version), and propose and encourage discussions about this content among readers, or anyone else interested in these topics.

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