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Graphic design


Iago Román

Project year: 


TFE Higher Education in Graphic Design. Course 2015-16

Croma has just arrived to change everything!

Croma is the new channel of Televisión de Galicia, with a new identity, appearance and structure, trying to reinvent and innovate compared to its previous model. By making active use of digital media and social media, Croma builds a user-focused experience, allowing a wide range of its youth audience to choose their favorite content.

Based on a color code, this digital platform provides all kinds of content, accommodating all stages of youth, from children to young adults.

Croma brings them together in a unique space, where digital media, the Galician language and the users themselves are the protagonists.

The chain's commitment to Galician culture is one of the main objectives of the project. A comprehensive redesign, an avant-garde approach and the best selection of you in Galician make it a standardizing agent and a format committed to the linguistic reality of its time.

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