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Artistic Joinery


Maikel Lorenzo Quintairos

Project year: 


The idea for this cabinet arises from everyday observation, and in those contours, shapes or silhouettes that we observe daily without noticing the beauty they may have, or can emerge from them by extrapolating them, as in this case, to a material as noble as it can be. the wood. Because, precisely, when we find such lines so common, we do not realize the delicacy and charm that they can enclose.

Thus, Coriolis is born. A piece inspired by the infinite and rhythmic silhouettes that emerge if we observe, in a somewhat affective way, something as natural and at best, as familiar, as it is a chopped or slightly raging sea.

That naturally created rhythm, which even seems to have no end, and that harmony of ups and downs, are reflected in this object, through the texture applied throughout its environment. These pieces are made of walnut from the country, material chosen for its rich veining, thus originating a set of wavy and trembling lines from its machining, observing only, visually affected its formal continuity, through the various fragments introduced in tone more clearly, by way of anomalies. Looking at that contrast, create a visual game and favor the properties that by nature possesses the material used.

Forming a paneled body on 10mm MDF board, it is raised on the floor by means of four legs in the middle of a light-toned stipe that anchor the module with spike and box, respectively. Reaching one meter in total height, the supports are tilted slightly, increasing their stability without ever exceeding the outer perimeter. Respecting the natural beauty of the material itself, instead of highlighting it, its finish is done only with a blackboard.

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