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Graphic design


Cristina Fernández

Project year: 

Cookielovers is a comprehensive branding project that responds to the concept of a specialized store, so fashionable today. The communicative strategy is based on love as a feeling capable of moving the passions of the world. A love that does not understand ages or sexes because it is something as fundamental as it is universal. In this case the love is centered on one element, the cookie. So for the packaging, 9 varieties of the product are presented in various flavors in containers of 12 and 6 units presented in an almost scientific way, jars that contain cookies reminiscent of the periodic table and in which each element has a meaning. Die-cut vinyls and glass reveal the product and the boxes continue with this idea, of the product, as another design element capable of attracting the eye and becoming an object of consumer desire.

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