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Graphic design


Sara Villamor Valiño

Project year: 


Graduation Project in Higher Education in Graphic Design. 2018

Catharsis is a personal project that combines own texts and visual compositions; categorizing textual content under poetic prose and, the visual, as visual poetry.

It emerges as an alternative: within the literary genre mentioned there is a problem of deficiencies in the design of its editions. All are treated repetitively and monotonously; there is no innovation or difference, and with this the loss of originality has been given rise and it has been difficult to convey feelings to the reader. The aim of this project was to create a product that would show that it can break with all the established rules and that there are more creative options for designing books of this type.

One of the goals was to reinforce the contribution of different emotions through reading and that, rather than as a product, it is perceived as an experience. Both texts and designed compositions contain a hidden message or a double reading that is left to the free interpretation of each user.

Although the star element of the project is a 112-page book, posters, bookmarks, stickers, a card, a folder for these mentioned items, and a packaging containing all the physical parts are also included. Includes 2 media to be promoted both physical (brochures) and audiovisual (promotional trailer).

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