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Graphic design


Néstor Domínguez Lorenzo

Project year: 


Final Project of Studies 2019

Developing a disease with a lethal rate as high as cancer is not easy for anyone, much less so when the patient is a child.

This project is born of a feeling, caused by the simple fact of uniting two words: Child and Cancer. Two words that should never be joined.

Therefore this piece could be said to be a tool to put at the service of these children and their families, to deal with the disease and the problems that may arise during it, from the union, understanding, discovery and therapy of the game.

Cancer consists of a book of 54 pages divided into three chapters with readings and games of involvement, where at the end of each, we will discover messages of a positive and emotional nature, full of feeling and values.

In addition, throughout this new adventure, we will be accompanied by a faithful friend who will be our traveling companion, and who will deliver his strength, his worth and his friendship. Quite a clear example of a model to follow.

To complement the activities in the book we will have a cloth bag made up of 15 wooden blocks, which will allow us to express our feelings and emotions. A monocle, also necessary for some activities, that will allow us to see things that at first glance are not. Finally, a package in the form of a travel suitcase to contain, protect and transport the product.

This project is dedicated to all those people who made it possible, and how could it be less, especially to all those little big heroes and heroines who fight with a smile.

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