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Artistic Joinery

Box 20 × 20

Jose Luis Fernández Taboada

Project year: 


This piece of furniture is built using an orthogonal grid of 20cm x 20cm, hence its name. A strip section of square section that surrounds the piece and provides a difficulty of assemblies that glorify the joints. Light tones and the absence of handles or hardware on the outside provide cleanliness and simplicity.

This piece of furniture serves as a table and collector, it is equipped with wheels hidden under the structure that raises it from the ground. It consists of two drawers at different levels, at the bottom is the larger drawer that works with partial extraction sliding guides and at the top a smaller drawer with full extraction telescopic guides.

Made of ash wood with a colorless oil finish and MDF board, white lacquered builds furniture of straight lines, cubes and empty spaces that provide a great deal of formal cleaning.

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