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Artistic Joinery


Daniel Vázquez Félix

Project year: 


Material: Oak and walnut

Using as a reference the minimalist work of Sol Lewitt and Donald Judd, C5 is a structure designed from the essential, from the exempt that brings to our minds the idea of purity and simplicity.

Its name refers to the number of cubes from which it is formed. A piece of furniture that provides a storage and support option while preserving its full sculptural potential.

Constructed in oak and walnut wood, it stands out, in addition to its marked cubic shape, the continuity of its vein throughout the furniture preserving the natural texture of the material. This is linked in a very careful way generating clean and elegant joints such as the triple bispel that we can find in the side cubes. The same that we can use as handles to access the drawer in a much more convenient way.

The drawer is arranged discreetly so that it is not the drawer that has a movement to open and close but the drawer in which it is gorged. In this way the furniture acts at all times as a sculptural piece that reminds us of the works of Donald Judd.

It is a floating shelf with a high aesthetic power that is sustained in a prominent part of the history of modern art, which respects the natural beauty of the materials and provides a subtly storage option.

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