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Graphic design


Ruth González

Project year: 


Final Project. Higher Education in Graphic Design. 2016

SETI is an English acronym Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. They try to find intelligent extraterrestrial life either by analyzing electromagnetic signals captured on different radio telescopes, or by sending messages of different natures into space in the hope that some of them will be answered.

They use the BOINC system, a platform for the use of distributed computing. It downloads the SETI's own application (Seti @ home), which thanks to the computers of disinterested users, can decrypt data from radio frequencies. The problem is that this app is very little visual and incomprehensible if you are not a NASA physicist, etc.…

The project focuses on the design of the interface for the implementation of the SETI project, so that users who support the project in a more committed way, can understand what data means that is decoded in a very visual and intuitive way.

This app will be implemented in the real Seti @ home application, becoming an infographic that graphically and audiovisually reinterprets the data obtained by the personal computers of users who cede their space (distributed computing), to analyze decrypted signals.

The concept is based on the graphical representation and simple understanding by the user of the decrypted and analyzed scientific data.

It is present throughout the identity as well as in the application, encouraging the project to increase its number of interested users and donations. This is a graph based on readability and optimal assimilation at a glance, thus favoring the relationship between user and new media.

The application consists of these special and innovative features:

1º- the user will be able to choose the place in the Space so that BOINC sends the data of that place to analyze, choosing the Solar System, the Galaxy or the Deep Space.

2º- once these data have been decoded, they are sent back to BOINC to be analyzed and classified according to importance, provenance and noise.

3º- the user will be able to visualize in a section of the app the simulation of the interpretation of the analyzed data days before, the result of the analysis, in a species of representative pictograms.

The project consists of these sections:

- Branding Design and Corporate Identity of the app brand.

- STARDUST TYPE, typography based on the 32 × 32 bit grid.

- Corporate Manual.

- A methacrylate packaging with a usb inside which the app will be recorded and sent to the user who donates money.

- The inside of the methacrylate box contains some methacrylate letters with the reinterpretation of Arecibo's message laser-cut.

- Teaser video to spread on social media and convey to the public curiosity, anticipation and intrigue, taking advantage of the virality of the internet, thus increasing the number of users and donors.

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