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Graphic design


Pablo Fernández Coronel

Project year: 


TFE Higher Education in Graphic Design. Course 2013-14

In our country, little by little we are seeing an increase in the quality of websites.

Brivet is a company that seeks to be part of this aesthetic renewal on the Internet, again betting on handmade websites and worked from scratch. A brand that raises as a banner the freedom to do the things we like and in our own way, not pursuing rebellion but spontaneity and fluidity in the creative process.

Based on his image in the famous painting by Eugéne Delacroix, we find a very personal and handmade graphics and strategy but also clean and elegant. In a world where companies are sold as increasingly innovative, Brivet has shown himself to be honest and humane by working on every aspect of his image and work process with all possible professionalism without sacrificing his principles.


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