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Graphic design

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Gabriel Martínez Cabrera

Project year: 


TFE course 2019-20

This work is the result of the development of the author’s personal brand and web portfolio. It also includes the brand profile on social media like Facebook or Instagram and the Brand Identity Guidelines, which explains how to use the brand correctly and what it is intended to convey with each stroke, shape and color. The goal is to achieve a corporate and visual identity consistent with the style of the portfolio and the personality of the designer.

The brand aims to convey optimism and security by communicating clearly through modern, minimalist language, to be seen as a confident and determined professional. The main values of the brand are empathy and freedom.

The brand offers online graphic design and creative direction services specializing in corporate visual identity and aimed at small entrepreneurs with big dreams who need to improve their brand identity. Brandtrait focuses on a target that values the time and geographic flexibility offered by a remote service, without sacrificing one-on-one personalized treatment.

Doing this job made me think about my skills and ambitions as a graphic designer and how to communicate to achieve my goals.

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