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Interior design

Neighborhood library

Martinho Fortes

Project year: 


A good book is one that opens with anticipation and closes with benefit. Louise Malcott.

Look for a space where you can spend a mouse of leisure, fun and learning all at once. A place where communication is fundamental, written in books, visual in movies, sound in music, interactive on the internet, and most importantly communication with society.

The Neighborhood Library will be unified into a single space on different levels, thanks to the underground expansion. Achieving large flexible and versatile spaces, thus achieving greater communication and relationship between the different areas.

The traffic will be configured in the access in a central nucleus, from where it is acceded to all the zones and levels. From this neuralgic center, the whole set can be visualized; the circulation between the different levels is done through a longitudinal axis: in one sense the ramp leads to the children's area, and in the other with more prominence the staircase is transformed into a reading bleachers.

Since the roof of the building is part of a garden, it was proposed to take the library outside, thus generating an exterior-interior connection with the courtyard and skylights. The courtyard generating tranquility, giving off joy and vitality inside. The spherical skylights allow sunlight to enter during the day, and signal with artificial light at night the penumbra of the garden, resembling bubbles that have hatched from within.

In short, everything done tries to create a world endowed with micro-worlds in which you can abstract yourself and allow you to create your own stories.

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