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Graphic design

Well caught

Xosé Manuel Rodríguez Fernández

Project year: 


Final Degree Project. Higher Studies in Graphic Design, 2013-14 academic year

Well caught appears as an alternative to traditional eco-labels and their bureaucracy, the fight against the commodification of food of large multinationals, the destruction of biodiversity, dumping, kilometric foods…

The project consists of a campaign for local consumption, seasonal and without intermediaries, where the consumer certifies the quality of the product and producer, directly visiting their workplace and evaluating it on the web. Thus giving the quality certificate of that food and of who offers it.

The campaign creates a packaging proposal for those products that lack it and meet the requirements and values of well-picked, thus helping to get food out of the house or small farmers and ranchers who want to sell their food, and encourage consumption local.

How does it work?

It is a system of trust like the ecological seals, a guarantee given by specialized technicians, and in this case also by consumers and producers.

Ben apañado is an association that is governed by local organizations (county / parish / neighborhood…), in an assembly way they establish their own bases appropriate to each area and climate but complying with some common and respectful of the environment.

What does it guarantee?

Knowing what you eat, reducing energy costs and intermediaries, proper treatment of land and food, a fair production, handling and distribution process for all.

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