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Artistic Joinery


Ester Núñez

Project year: 


BATEA is born as a sofa side table. It is a central piece of furniture, with a table with an asymmetrical diamond-shaped structure, which gives it great visual strength. The table envelope rests on three legs joined by two pillows resting on the floor, joined with minato tail.

BATEA is made up of two woods chosen for their duality, both in aesthetics and in origin and representation. Beech and walnut of the country. On its table, modules with identical form are embedded. Like an informal marquetry. This marquetry handicraft reminds us of the marquetry of Granada and Damascus in southern Europe. Walnut of the country is the wood chosen for its modules, in this case, for its diverse encounters, its varied forms, which meant choosing between several pieces of wood carefully. These modules create a rhythm reminiscent of drifting rafts. What gave it its name… BATEA… Wood: beech and sapelli.

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