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Artistic Joinery


Jose Luis Fernández Taboada

Project year: 


BAMBOO is a high coffee table, with a removable surface or auxiliary tray on top. Its design is inspired by plant motifs of Asian origin such as bamboo and water lily leaves. There are also clear references to Claude Monet's paintings in Giverny (France).

Structurally, it consists of three legs turned into cotton wood, which mimic bamboo canes, which support a circular oak table and a small tray, also oak, located vertically on one of the legs and suspended above it, reminiscent of water lilies floating in the calm water of the lakes.

For its finish, a white acrylic patina for the legs and a transparent fixing acrylic varnish were used, which was also applied to the natural, in the oak envelopes, to enhance its grain.

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