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Ágata Gavilán and Iván Fernández

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BAGA ESTUDIO was born from a passion for photography. Based in Galicia, we received our training at the EASD Antonio Faílde, in Ourense.

From there, we gradually built our line of work around advertising photography, establishing collaborative relationships with others.

professionals that allow us to cover a larger market.

We work day in and day out to achieve bold and inspiring results. We are in constant contact with culture and information, absorbing

all the latest trends and technology to optimize our results and get the most out of our customers' products.

In this professional environment it is very important to be a sponge and absorb everything around you. But it is no less reinventing itself, and that is our philosophy. The BAGA philosophy. We don’t take photographs, we convey feelings. Today, the quality and creativity of the image that is projected on both social media and online shops is critical for our customers to have greater projection and greater business growth.

Our mission is to facilitate this development through photographs and audiovisual content for advertising, social media, e-commerce… In which we always try to achieve high quality.

Ágata Gavilán and Iván Fernández
691 50 16 22/666 89 03

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