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Graphic design

Beyond the walls of sleep

Laura Lobón Castro

Project year: 


Final Thesis 2016

This project proposes an alternative narrative about the story Beyond the Dream Walls by HP Lovecraft. A story of suspense and fantasy set in 1900, in America, in a Mental Sanatorium. This is a style simulation project, a graphic fiction.

The product consists of a box book in the form of a file cabinet. This contains Lovecraft's account, renamed Memoirs of Dr. Charles Slope, a letter from the new director of the Sanatorium, requiring your help in investigating similar cases, Joe Slater's 1900 admission record, current plans reflecting the locations of the story, an old 1855 map, a photograph of Dr. Slope next to his telepathic machine, several images showing the hallucinations of Joe Slater, a news story from a period newspaper and an archive sheet, which lists all the documents that are part of the investigation.

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