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Interior design

The fourth wall. Theater workshop

Maria Cuadrado

Project year: 


The building on which it intervenes is a ship that is located in the Road of Santiago, pertaining to the City council of Coles.

The stage, where the play usually takes place, has four walls: the background, the two sides and an imaginary fourth wall that separates the characters from the audience. BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL means addressing the audience and making them part of the play itself.

In this nave the main façade was removed, alleging this imaginary wall. Instead, several colored fabrics suspended from the structure were arranged, simulating the bubbles of a stage that welcome any spectator, directing him to a new glass facade through a walkway.

On the other hand, to say that a common acting aspect is DISSOCIATION. That is, to separate reality and fiction when playing a character. This concept is applied in the restoration work through two blocks: one bright and one dark.

The light block encompasses the foyer, reception, administration, office and stairs. White predominates and natural light penetrates through a large glass facade and a skylight. As for artificial light, vertical LED tubes are used to pay homage to the sun’s rays. All these elements refer to reality, day and light.

The dark block encompasses the patio of armchairs and toilets. In these rooms gray tones are appreciated, besides noble woods. As the patio of armchairs is designed to represent spectacles, it evades natural light and focuses on a focused light, shaping a starry sky. So, it refers to fiction, night and darkness.

The aim of designing these blocks and a new facade, is to create a sensory experience in the viewer as you move from one area to another.

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