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Graphic design

12th anniversary 4Elements

Patricia Veiga Ampudia

Project year: 


Final Project of Studies 2019

Graph of the 12th Anniversary of the company 4Elementos.

It was necessary to provide a common identity without discrepancies to all actions and applications performed.

The graphic campaign is inclusive / connecting, the conceptual idea is to build, to celebrate another year.

All the concepts mentioned above are shown by means of architectural elements, mainly the beams; the pillars that support the entire load. The beams are the representation of the foundations, of everything behind a structure, each piece is important, the beams are joined together, he talks closely about the union of the team, the union with the collaborators, using the dashed lines to talk about the projection, the union between present, past and future.

It was intended to capture a series of closely related concepts: grow, comply (+1), reform, improve, piece (component / equipment), foundations, bases… At the same time this is combined with the concept of collaboration and worker aesthetics. It is sought that everything is well compacted, well tied. It is intended to attract new connoisseurs / customers through an urban appearance, elegant, fresh and with a carefree touch. Color and typography have an important weight in the compositions.

It is intended to seek a modern and contemporary touch. It works with the same concept in all applications but giving it a different look, different types of assembly. The applications made are: mailing, online store cover (pc version and mobile version), Instagram post, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram stories, stickers and screens material (modular screen and crystal view). In 4Elementos the channel chosen for all campaigns is online / digital as its target audience uses digital as a means of communication, to compare, share, inform and keep abreast of the latest news from 4Elementos.

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